The heart is the center of human life. With an average life-span of 2.5 billion beats and a daily average of 100,000 contractions a day, your heart pumps blood throughout 60,000 miles of vessels to every part of your body. Through this process, the blood brings oxygen and nutrients to your cells in exchange for carbon dioxide and wastes which are then eliminated.

Heart disease is currently the leading cause of death in the US, killing nearly 1 million people each year. Most heart disease is due to blockages which cause an inadequate blood supply to the body tissue and overwork of the heart muscle.

Factors which can contribute to heart disease are lack of exercise, poor diet, smoking, obesity, hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, stress on the nervous system and genetics. To treat your heart right, follow a low sugar diet filled with a variety of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables and be sure to exercise regularly. Also avoid cooked and hydrogenated oils.

Nutrients and formulas that House of Gold Health Products offers to support your heart function are:

Elation!, 30 packets of powerfully synergistic nutrients to support health and longevity. Dr. Swartwout has designed Elation! to complement Star Gold, Energessence, Chitosan X-tra and Triple Ascorbate C for a total molecular and vascular fitness system for your cells.

Natural Dry E 400 IU, an 'ester E' (d-alpha-tocopheryl succinate) which is more stable than the oil-based form. Vitamin E in our food is often lost to freezing, as well as to both heat and oxidation during storage, processing and cooking. This form of Vitamin E is water soluble and therefore more easily assimilated in the body. The effect of Vitamin E includes antioxidant abilities which stabilize cell membranes by preventing oxidation of fatty acids. Increased levels of Vitamin E are required with aging, pregnancy and lactation, early child development and when exposed to stress, air pollution, processed foods or high levels of polyunsaturated fats.

CoQMelt is the fastest absorbing Coenzyme Q product on the market. Numerous studies have shown this vital nutrient to play an important role in the maintenance of the entire cardiovascular system.

Other beneficial products are:
Star Gold
Stamina Plus
Friendly Flora
Ester C
Chitosan X-tra


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