According to the Journal of American Medicine, one in five children suffer from some type of learning, attention deficit or hyperactivity disorder. In addition , studies are showing that children are more susceptible to infections, allergies, asthma and emotional and mental imbalances than ever before.

Children require the energy and nutrients to face the day to day challenges of life, but also require the energy and nutrients to grow, develop bigger, larger, mature bones, muscles and organs, immune system, and neuronal circuitry in the brain too!

The quality of your child's body and brain development during childhood and adolescent years determines what they will have to work with for the rest of their lives! Be sure to supply your child with the best possible foundation you can to ensure their health and vitality for many years to come!

Give your child a healthy start with House of Gold Health Products':

ChildLife Essentials Multi-Vitamin & Mineral, designed specifically to provide all of the essential vitamins and minerals your child needs on a daily basis.

Essential Fatty Acids contains the two essential fatty acids which all humans require. They are especially necessary for healthy skin, cell growth and immune function.

Colostrum Plus with Probiotics includes Colostrum for a health immune system plus naturally occurring bacteria present in all healthy digestive systems which helps maintain balance throughout the intestinal system.

Vitamin C is well-known for enhancing natural defenses and immune system strength. Daily use can maintain and improve the overall health of your child.

Echinacea's immune-enhancing properties can help to increase the strength of your child's natural defense system, when used at times of colds and flu.

First Defense is another safe and natural immune booster. It was designed with herbs and nutrients with broad spectrum anti-microbial properties.

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