The food you eat provides you with the important nutrients needed by your body to function and supply you with energy! The second you begin to chew, digestion begins as the enzymes in your saliva start the breakdown process. As it passes through the stomach and intestines, food is broken down further into its components and sent to the liver. Usable materials are then absorbed into the blood and sent on to your cells.

Providing your body with nutrients from your food creates energy (measured in calories) that enable your body to build bone, blood, muscle, nerve and other cells. These nutrients include essential vitamins and minerals, amino and fatty acids your body needs to make structural proteins, enzymes, hormones and fatty acids required for cellular function.

80% of health problems stem from the digestive system. You can help your digestive system by eating whole foods and plenty of fiber, taking small bites and eating slowly. Drinking liquids at least a half hour before or 2 hours after eating.

To support your digestive system, House of Gold Health Products offers:

Digestzymes to stimulate your digestive system to perform by producing all the enzymes and digestive fluids you need to restore proper digestion.

Friendly Flora, with six strains of beneficial bacteria that are helpful to the entire digestive system, to combat consequences from the use of antibiotics, caffeine, alcohol, tap water and other exposure to toxins.

Inuflora is a high potency plant fiber to support the growth of intestinal flora.

Other beneficial products are:
Star Gold
Star Fiber

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