Electromagnetic radiation has been linked to cancer. Zones of radiation at the level implicated in cancer are found in almost every home, office and school. Everyday items such as toasters, alarm clocks, radios and television give off high levels of EMF's.

USA Today conducted a survey and reported that EMF's are the number one environmental concern in America. "EMF's - always present near power lines and working electrical appliances - are linked to such diseases as leukemia and breast cancer."

Make sure you protect yourself from these fields by using detection meters to chart safe distances from appliances and to lessen the amount of electromagnetic pollution in your home.

To protect you from EMF's, House of Gold Health Products offers:

CellSensor detects serious health risks from electromagnetic field emissions (EMF) and radiation fields (RF). Electric power transmission and distribution lines may be one of our first thoughts when we think of EMF radiation, but almost half of all EMF radiation exposure comes from household appliances and improperly grounded home wiring. RF emissions come from cellular phones.

Quantum Byte is a breakthrough for anyone being exposed to electromagnetic pollution by working at a computer. This software automatically harmonizes the electrical conductivity in your body and brings it to a balance in just 15 minutes.

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