You can tell everyone wants more energy, because they all complain about it. How many times have you heard yourself say "I wish I had the energy to...."? What you are really wanting is for your thyroid, adrenal glands and liver to perform at their top capacity in controlling your metabolism and energy levels.

Your body needs a continuous supply of energy to keep it functioning, including repairing and replacing worn-out parts and for growth and physical activity. The energy you get comes from the chemical reactions going on inside your body from the food you eat and oxygen you breathe. This energy is most efficiently derived from your nutrients when they are broken down in the presence of oxygen!

You can tell if your oxygen and energy needs are being met if you feel alert and healthy and if you are not over or underweight.

If you feel you need more energy to get through the trials of the day, try House of Gold Health Products':

Energessence, a natural oxygenator and energizing aid designed to activate the fundamental metabolic process . This product has been proven to increase athletic performance up to 5 times more than competitive products. It is also an immune system booster, working particularly well to support elimination of wastes from the connective tissue via the lymph. Energessence supplies the energy unlocked from bee pollen combined with other ingredients for a synergistic and superior cell oxygenating effect.

Stamina Plus contains all 20 known B-vitamins, rarely found together in one supplement, plus the full range of Vitamin C. This complete stress complex is essential to your body for a multitude of tasks including proper nervous system function. Stamina Plus is designed to enhance energy, endurance and your body's utilization of key nutrients. Additional botanical and glandular ingredients support increased stamina. This indispensable energy booster is useful for relief of nervous tension and strain, while cleansing the blood and enhancing circulation.

Siberian Ginseng is an adapagen, meaning it can be good for all types of people and all types of problems. Use it for extra energy and find that it's safe, unlike Ma Huang.

Other beneficial products are:
Star Gold
One Step


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