You breathe in 35 pounds of air a day. That's about 6 tons in the period of a year. For your health, it is essential that you breathe fresh, unpolluted air.

Oxygen in the air is essential to human life. If the oxygen level drops to more than 5% its normal level in the air, your body and brain's functions will be affected.

Air pollution such as smog, carbon monoxide, sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides, lower the quality of the air (oxygen) and force the inhalation of harmful substances. These substances are harmful not only the lungs, but to the blood and other tissues and can cause allergies, heart disease, asthma, bronchitis, emphysema and chronic cough.

Indoor air pollution can also be harmful to you. Obviously cigarette smoke is a major concern, but there can be other hazardous fumes you may not even smell, such as radon.

Be sure you breathe the freshest air with House of Gold Health Products':

Oxozone Air Ionizer creates oxozone or 04 for a more stable oxygen than ozone. Oxozone can treat your home or establishment's air by eliminating Bacteria, Mold, Viruses, Mildew, Dust and Dust Mites, Pesticides, Sulphurs, Detergents, Butane, Aromatics, Phosphates, Organic Acids, Phenols, Glycols, Ethanes and More!

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