Artificial lighting is a newly discovered source of potentially dangerous pollution. Yellow distorted color, irritating flicker and glare, as well as radiation from common fluorescent tubes are affecting our quality of life.

Dr. John Nash Ott, world renowned scientist, discovered, through the time lapse pictures he took for Walt Disney, that distorted light and the radiation it emits had an adverse effect on plants, animals and humans. He also found that all living organisms need the full spectrum of light provided by the sun in order to thrive.

You may have noticed that depression generally hits in the winter, when you are indoors much of the daylight hours and are missing the sun. Could this be from a lack of vitamin D that your body creates from the sun?

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Full spectrum lighting from Dr. Ott. Through 40 years of research he has revolutionized lighting with his discoveries and developed several full-spectrum, radiation-shielded lighting products for the home, office and outdoors. These lights use less energy and last longer than standard light bulbs. The Ott Full Spectrum Sunglasses and Clip-Ons feel and perform better.

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