One in four women have a chance at developing osteoporosis, characterized by excessive bone loss making bones brittle, thin and porous, and easy to fracture. A great majority of men and women today suffer from osteoporosis and arthritis (joint inflammation affecting the joints, connective tissue and other supporting tissue), generally due to insufficient calcium intake or inability to process calcium properly.

The bone tissue in your skeletal system contains living cells embedded in a hard matrix made up of calcium and held together by collagen, glucosamine glycans and other organic substances. This tissue is constantly renewing itself throughout your life, tearing down and rebuilding its framework- functions regulated by your immune system and hormones. Your bones support your body and safeguard your organs and also are the facility that produces your blood and immune cells within the marrow. The connective tissues, including cartilage, help to give form to the body and hold everything in place.

Bone formation is strongly dependent on an adequate supply of calcium and concomitant minerals. If the body's store of minerals is depleted, bone repair and replacement becomes defective. Contrary to popular belief, your calcium intake needs increase as you age!

House of Gold Health Products helps to support your skeletal system with :

Structural Integrity utilizes the most bio-available form of calcium, Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite, plus the minerals needed to strengthen the bone matrix such as Boron. Studies have shown that this form of calcium is superior over traditional calcium supplements. A study on patients experiencing bone loss showed an increase of 6.1% in cortical bone density with use of this form of calcium. Using this product doubles the amount of calcium that is absorbed by turning on active absorption, reducing the dietary requirement in half.

Shark Essence derives its energetics from shark cartilage and shark liver oil with additional catalysts for cellular life support. When cell metabolism falls below 10% efficiency, the primary energy factories of the cell are completely shut down, leading to chronic degenerative tissue changes such as cancer and arthritis. Out of 5,000 products tested, Shark Essence releases the most pure life energy in the form of bio-photons, making it the perfect solution when you need to jump-start your cell metabolism. If parts of your body are asking you to hit the 'reset' button on your health, reach for Shark Essence. Your cells will thank you.

Liquid Life Essentials Night has been designed to help tissue repair and calcium assimiliation while you sleep. It relaxes the nerves after the stress of the day. It provides your body with macro minerals that are essential for its basic structures: bone, nerve, and muscle. It is an excellent formula for anyone with stress, nerve, sleep, muscle, or bone problems.

Glucosamine Sulfate with MSM and Chondroitan helps to strengthen and repair cartilage to improve joint function. Replenish your body with these vital nutrients to help fight against Arthritis and Osteoporosis and relieve the pain associated with joint disease.

Other beneficial products are:

Star Gold

Triple Ascorbate C
Chitosan Xtra

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