Water sustains all forms of human life. Approximately 70-80% of our body is water. Water adjusts the body's temperature and assists in digestion. It removes toxins from the body and also makes necessary body fluids. The qualities and the properties of the water we drink can determine the quality of our health.

Water is constantly recycled by evaporation and rain. As more water becomes polluted from pesticides, chemicals, sewage, etc., less is suitable for human consumption. And the addition of chlorine to kill off bacteria doesn't make it any better. Interaction of chlorine with any remaining chemicals produces toxic substances such as chloramines which are carcinogens.

The EPA has set safe water levels for about 20 common pollutants such as arsenic, mercury and nitrates, but new toxins are constantly seeping into the water supply from waste dumps and industry. It is going to be harder and harder to find safe drinking water in the future.

For the freshest, cleanest water, House of Gold Health Products offers:

Countertop Water Filter for convenient fresh water polished to 20 microns.

Undercounter Water Filter for exceptionally clean filtered water removing 99% of all contaminants!
Shower Filter for chlorine free showering.

The H20 Ionizer creates Microwater, which is a smooth, hydrating and energizing water that is rich in electrons. This innovative technology filters water and then reforms it through an electrolysis process, restructuring the water molecules for a water that's healthier for you to drink. It also splits water into alkaline water for drinking and acidic water for bathing. Easy to hook up and use!

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