At House of Gold Health Products we sell only the finest quality natural health products.   We wholesale over 90 health products including vitamin and mineral supplements, homeopathic combinations, herbal remedies, Coral-Calcium Daily , Glucosamine Sulfate, Microwater technology water filters, Oxozone air purifiers, and much, much more at great prices. We are very meticulous in selecting the products we carry. Our nutritional supplements, herbal remedies and homeopathic combinations contain the best ingredients, made from the highest quality sources in their most absorbable forms. House of Gold Health Products' well-balanced formulations are created with ideal milligram ratios for optimal performance. Each of our products is tested and quality controlled for safety and effectiveness. As new discoveries in the health sciences occur, we continually add additional products.

Today, more than ever, we need to supplement our diet. The depeletion of minerals in our soils, and the refinement and processing of our foods, robs our bodies of the necessary nutrients for good health. This may result in degenerative health problems such as colds, flus, allergies, viral infections, immune dificiencies, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and cancer to name a few. The products carried by House of Gold Health Products are designed to help you avoid degenerative conditions and to help you achieve superior health.

To thank you for your support in purchasing our fine health products, we offer you a great discount on our already low-priced products. Every time you order more than $100 in products, you'll recieve the lowest price available.

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