"Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide"
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Take care of your health with this major reference work. Nearly 400 leading-edge physicians (including Dr. Glen Swartwout who was a major contributor to the chapter on vision) explain their treatment for a wide range of health problems. With over 1,000 pages of helpful information including guidance to further resources, such as organizations that can lead you to practitioners in your area, this book has everything you must know about effective therapies and affordable self-help cures for you and your family.

"Reverse Aging: Scientific Health Methods:
Easier and More Effective than Diet and Exercise"

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This book by Sang Whang is the story of Microwater. The accumulation of acid waste products within our body is the process of aging. Therefore, removing old, stored wastes is reverse aging. Learn from engineer, scientist and inventor Sang Whang about Microwater's many benefits for your health, from alkaline pH water's ability to clean out your cells, to topically using acid pH water to prevent bacterial invasion. Also learn about the common causes of diseases and how this water can help reverse them.

"The Longevity Factor:
Chromium Picolinate"

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Here's the latest research from Dr. Richard A. Passwater on this vital nutrient, chromium picolinate. Plus how to use it for weight loss and more.

"The Miracle of MSM,
The Natural Solution for Pain"

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In this new book, two distinguished medical doctors deliver the first authoritative report on an amazing nutritional supplement that spells very good news for pain and allergy sufferers: MSM.
Dr. Jacob and Dr. Lawrence tell you how to take MSM - how much, when, with what foods, in what form - to relieve pain in its many varieties. And they report from the front lines of pain suffering, offering case after case of chronic sufferers who have found consistent, dramatic relief in MSM.
As this comprehensive book on MSM states on the front cover, MSM relieves back pain, headaches, muscle pain, arthritis and athletic injuries. The back cover continues by asking "How do you spell pain relief?" These days, more and more people are spelling it M-S-M.

Stanley W. Jacob, M.D., is director of the DMSO Clinic and professor of surgery at Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland. Neurologist Ronald M. Lawrence, M.D., Ph.D., is a founding member of the International Association for the Study of Headaches.

"Natural Eye Care: An Encyclopedia
Complementary Treatments for Improving and Saving Your Eyes"

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If you are concerned about preventing or reversing serious eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma or macular degeneration, this book by Dr. Glen Swartwout and Marc Grossman is what you've been waiting for. Through the combination of Oriental medicine, nutrition, exercise and homeopathy, you can learn how to combat other eye problems as well, including dry eye syndrome, conjunctivitis, sties and floaters.

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