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Detect serious health risks from electromagnetic field emissions (EMF) and radiation fields (RF) with the use of a CellSensor. Electric power transmission and distribution lines may be one of our first thoughts when we think of EMF radiation, but almost half of all EMF radiation exposure comes from household appliances and improperly grounded home wiring. RF emissions come from cellular phones.

USA Today conducted a survey and reported that EMF's are the number one environmental concern in America. "EMF's - always present near power lines and working electrical appliances - are linked to such diseases as leukemia and breast cancer."

By measuring EMF and RF emissions, you will be able to determine safe distances from cellular phones, computers, alarm clocks, air conditioners, kitchen appliances and heaters, and other hot spots. Thus you will have the peace of mind that comes from acting prudently by avoiding high field areas at home and work, and from making informed purchasing decisions, by selecting products with low emission levels.

This meter shows you the levels in milligauss. Chronic exposure to more than 2 milligauss is inadvisable. Exposure during sleep should be as close to zero as possible.

After a gauss meter confirmed an electromagnetic field where this networker was sleeping, the source was moved and she reported: "Have been sleeping much more soundly since water pipes were rerouted... I am dreaming more, as Dr. Swartwout said I might." Joyce Suinobu

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