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500 grams
Each scoop contains:

Inulin powder (Jerusalem Artichoke root...........................................................5 g

RECOMMENDED: 2 scoops daily.

Inulin is Europe's #1 selling Prebiotic fiber to inhance intestinal health, immunity and digestion. Now House of Gold Health Products is offering a new "Super-Inulin" formula called Inuflora which has a naturally sweet taste with virtually no calories.

Inuflora promotes the growth and multiplication of beneficial flora in the intestine. It also boosts the immune system, improves absorption of nutrients and is an excellent source of many minerals including potassium. Inuflora provides an incredible source of soluble fiber (roughly one tablespoon contains as much soluble fiber as a bowl of oatmeal).

Inuflora is derived from the Jerusalem Artichoke, which provides a beneficial mix of short-chain, medium-chain and long-chain molecules that promote the multiplication of good bacteria. (Products like FOS contain only short -chain molecules.) Only organic, non-genetically-modified plants are harvested for Inuflora. Inuflora is extrated with a water-based method, unlike inulin from chicory or other sources, which are often extracted with solvents. Inuflora is more bio-activve than "raw" inulin thanks to a proprietary fermentation process. In vitro studies have found that Inuflora not only boosts the immune system, it also has anti-inflammation properties.

Inuflora does not have to be refrigerated, so it's more convenient than probiotics. And while probiotics add foreign bacteria to the body that are rarely able to colonize, Inuflora fortifies the bacteria that are already native to the colon, offering more reliable, long-term benefits.

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