Sterol Max
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60 Capsules
Each Capsule contains:
Sterol and Sterol..................350mg
(whole food source from 8 sprouts including at least 10% Hypoxis -African potato)
Enzyme delivery system......100mg
(for increased bioavailability)
Gelatin capsule. No chemical extractions are used.

RECOMMENDATIONS: For the first month, take 2 capsules twice daily, then take 2 capsules daily on an empty stomach. Use Muti Miracle on a continuous basis. Effects are cumulative over the first weeks and months. Do not take sterols and sterolins together with animal products or fibers as these inhibit absorption of the plant sterols.

"Big Medicine" Gets Big Results

The sterols and sitosterolins in Sterol Max are naturally occurring plant fats found especially concentrated in sprouts. They provide a growing list of health benefits from their seemingly miraculous effect on the immune system. Very little of these plant fats in our diet is bioavailable because they firmly bind to plant fibers which pass undigested. One would have to eat approximately 240 pounds of fresh whole foods a day to get the amount of these valuable plant substances in 2 capsules of Sterol Max.

House of Gold Health Products' Sterol Max is the world's most potent combination of sterols and sterolins, produced from 8 different beneficial sprouts, including Hypoxis, a species of African potato. Hypoxis has long been used in Zulu medicine for chronic viral conditions, STD's, TB and cancer. The combination is becoming known in Africa as "Muti", which is Zulu for "Big Medicine", because even the scourge of AIDS seems to be no match for it.

Clinical studies with AIDS patients have shown Sterol Max is effective for improving their health. 200 subjects are still being studied, and their CD4 lymphocyte counts are stable. Their Interleukin-6 levels are reduced. They show a decrease in total viral loads and they are feeling well. In fact, they have shown no overt signs of disease progression since they began taking the supplement in 1992.

These fats were first isolated as early as 1922, and have now been studied for two decades in over 130 double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trials. These trials show that sterols and sterolins correct the underlying dysfunctions found in auto-immune conditions. Trials have shown them to be beneficial for:

Autoimmune conditions
Breast Cancer
Cardiovascular disease
Colon cancer
Coronary disease
Immune dysfunctions
Lupus Erythematosus
Prostate Hypertrophy
Prostate Cancer
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Feline Immuno Deficiency Virus
Viral infections

Plant fats are now being used in Africa to manage cancer, hypoglycaemia, chronic arthritis, asthma, sinusitis, auto-immune diseases and to reduce susceptibility to infection. They are also being studied for their effects on arthritis, tuberculosis, psoriasis, allergies and cervical cancer.

Sterols and sterolins do not stress the body. They are non-toxic and free of common allergens. In fact, they seem to reduce stress which suppresses the immune system. They also decrease inflammation which damages tissue due to extreme physical stress, such as in marathon running. Sterols and sterolins have been tested on over 25,507 human patients and in animal studies at doses of 2,500 times higher than those used in humans. No toxicity or adverse drug reactions occurred in any of these trials.

As with any product that enhances immunity, these natural food substances are not recommended for anyone with an organ or bone marrow transplant. Diabetics should also keep an eye on their insulin levels, as they must when taking chromium or other supplements that can enhance sugar regulation.

The World's Most Potent
Sterols and Sterolins Formula

House of Gold Health Products' Muti Miracle is the most concentrated known source of plant sterols and sterolins. Commercial extraction-based products on the market combine soy sterolins with readily available sterols from pine oil (used for lamp fuel) to achieve a patentable combination product.

We use the whole food Hypoxis (African potato) source used in the original studies, which has now become available through hydroponic technology, together with the maximum potency oilseed sprout and six other sprouts. The others are wheat, barley, lupin, fenugreek, soy and African sunflower.

Hypoxis is guaranteed to make up 10% of the total blend. All our sprouts are freeze dried at low temperature within one hour of harvesting to maintain optimum potency. Added enzymes activated by ionic minerals increase the bioavailability of the sterols and sitosterolins.

No chemical extractions are used, so no residues contaminate the product.

Here's a brief analysis of what you will find in the available products at about the same price:

Competitor "Muti" Miracle
Sterols 20 mg (pine oil) 18 mg (Hypoxis sprout, etc.)
Sterolins 0.02 mg (soy) 4.5 mg (Hypoxis sprout, etc.)
Bioavailability .5 to 10% 80 to 90%

As you can see, our product is over 200 times more potent in sterolin content. House of Gold Health Products always has the best products on the line!

"It's the remedy of the future. People will take it to prevent colds and infections, the way they now take vitamins."

Professor Piet van Jaarsveld,
Head of the Dept. of Pharmacology,
University of Stellenbosch, South Africa

Hi, My name is Allen Turner. I have been with House of Gold Health Products going on 17 months now and I would like to share with you the positive effect the products in the Miracle Pack Activity Package have done for me. As of Jan 1,2000 I have received my sense of smell back., I have received my sense of taste. I seldom need any kind of pain killer. I seldom have problems with my allergies and my depression is under control. I feel one of the main contributors to my health is my daily consumption of Coral-Calcium over the last 17 months, and the proof is in the fact that I no longer crave sugar, to which I used to be severely addicted. I still lacked the get up and go that I used to have until I started to take the Muti Miracle, the Stamina Plus , the Energessence and the Papaya Energy Bar along with my other nutritional products. Week three has been unbelievable! I have more energy than I know what to do with, plus I am finding new courage that I never had. It is truly a Miracle. Now I can't tell you which product is helping me but what I can tell you that if these four products can help me this much, I just can't wait to try all of the House of Gold Health Products products.

Allen Turner

I started giving the Muti Miracle to my mom who has Diabetes. Even though she wasn't taking it for her Diabetes, her blood sugar levels got better. Now I buy lots of Muti Miracle.

Beverly Davis

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