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"After trying every kind of ozone equipment, the Oxozone has finally given us a solution to the formaldehyde fumes used in our furniture business."
The ultimate in air quality devices is an important part of our innovative environmental health product line. Our patented Oxozone units generate negative ions in the air, which are just as beneficial when breathed into the respiratory tract as are the negative ions in alkaline water from our ionized water units. Since we breathe in water vapor each day, totaling approximately 18 times more than the water we drink, it is crucial that we improve the quality of this primary source. Also, just as our water ionizers effectively deliver oxygen to the precise tissues that need it during the tissue detoxification process, our air units will actually energize the natural oxygen in the air to achieve greater oxygenation of body tissues through respiration.

Oxozone Aranizers produce oxozone (04) and even higher energy complexes without creating toxic by-products such as oxides of nitrogen. This patented process is achieved with a corona generator that selectively separates the diatomic molecule of oxygen found in our atmosphere, and regroups these nascent atoms of oxygen into larger molecules composed solely of oxygen. These high-energy oxygen complexes have a higher energy level than diatomic oxygen or even triatomic ozone molecules. As such, they are held together by a phenomenon known as spin resonance which permits the complex oxygen atoms to exchange and share electrons. These high-energy reactive oxygen species are unstable and thus short lived, providing an even more effective oxidizing agent than ozone. When this high energy oxygen reacts with microbiological contaminants, including viruses, bacteria, molds, yeasts, fungi, pollens, odors, dust and even static electricity, as well as organic and inorganic chemicals, all that remains is oxidized particulate residues and normal oxygen. Oxozone can completely deodorize your home or establishment, improving living and working conditions, while improving employee efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Advantages of the Oxozone Aranizer are its ease of installation (plug it in), it uses no liquids, it has no tubes to clean, no moving parts and no refills, a low cost of operation (under 10¢ a day), plus it is quiet and simply works so well. Oxozone is more powerful, more effective and safer than ozone. You will never have to worry about overpurification as it leaves no harmful residues or by-products, only oxygen.

Some of the differences between Oxozone and Ozone are that Oxozone provides over 50% more oxidizing power to break down the toxins in the air. Also, our Oxozone units add a negative charge to oxygen molecules, while many Ozone units may not. Another difference is that many Ozone units don't discriminate between oxygen and nitrogen. When nitrogen is oxidized, it produces toxic gases. Oxozone units don't oxidize nitrogen, because it works by a patented resonance with oxygen. The dimensions of the unit are: L 7.75" x W 4.25" x H 2.25''. The Oxozone uses 25 Watts of power and covers an area about the size of at least 10' x 12' x 8'. Measured with a Dr. Gauss meter, the unit has less than .5mg at a three foot range, so the unit is even safe to use in the bedroom while you sleep.

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